Thursday, October 28, 2010


I forgot to list this ingredient on my recipe for White Chili!  Thank you mom for questioning how it becomes a soup without any substantial liquid.  I AM SO SORRY to those that have made it ...but oddly loved it.  On the recipe card the 1 cup of chicken broth is written in my handwriting so the person who gave me the recipe forgot to tell me about that ingredient too.  Hopefully this will break the cycle.  It really is a winner of a recipe! 

And a few of you emailed me telling me you tried and loved it and was going to tweak it next time...adding chicken broth!  HAHA!  Good for you for figuring out the mystery ingredient. 

My mom did say that she is impressed with my cooking these last few years.  She knows me and knows that I make oatmeal cookies (reading the recipe off the oatmeal container) but forget the oatmeal.  And then there was the time when I tried making Cream of Wheat by myself...and couldn't believe that 3 tablespoons of the cereal would make my normal helping...I figured it was a misprint on the box.  Let's just say I used 3 cups and the entire pan overflowed and was a cement like mix.  I think my mom made me buy a box of Cream of Wheat to replace the stash. 

Anyways, when in doubt email me if you question whether something doesn't seem right in a recipe I share.  I have a history with getting things a little wrong.

Hope that it didn't impact anyone too much.  So sorry.


Kelly said...

haha...that is too funny! I was wondering why it was so thick....and looked back at your recipe a few times figuring I read it wrong and forgot a liquid ingredient....but I still loved it! :) KD

Anonymous said...

we made it too...but it was a little thick...i didn't question too much since i didn't even eat it. but i think you're right..the broth makes a lot more sense!!

Anonymous said...

haha! i KNEW there was a reason I was waiting to make it :) RR


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