Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Thoughts

1. It is Halloween I dare do this!?

2.   The sun finally shines today and boy does it make a difference!

3.  We have family coming into town this weekend and the anticipation is incredible around here.  The infamous Uncle Mike, the loved Aunt Becca, and the cutie pie Morgan!  Well, and of course the 'always ready to play Grandma Charlie.'

4.  Charley got a bike lock for his birthday but, the weather has turned cold and super windy so he can't ride his bike. So he is entertained with practicing his I saw him sitting cris-cross against the leg of our desk with the bike lock around his waist and table leg.  Yep, gotta love that.

5.  Henry woke up dry all week and Tuesday night he called out at 3 and 5 to pee...unfortunately, Ed's turn was mis-communicated.  Henry said he had to pee...but when he was standing peeing into the big potty he also pooped all over the floor...ugh.  But I think we are verging on no diapers all together so we were very proud how he got up twice and went back to bed decently.  I think to make life easier we will stick with the diapers or pull ups for another month or two. 

6.  Are you in need of a drop leaf table, a new crock pot, or a new pair of slippers.  CSN Stores is a great place to look for Christmas presents...they often offer free shipping. 

7.  I have taken to liking La Croix sparking particular Ed and I are both enjoying the sparkling cran-raspberry.  My friends Molly and Kim encouraged me to try it.  It has totally eliminated the pop craving during my day, doesn't have any calories, chemicals, or caffeine...all good things right now in my life.  Give it a try.

8.  My mom is coming to visit next week for a few days and I can't wait.  Typically, I get overwhelmed when she is here - I go from being so excited to dreading the end and I forget to enjoy the moments involved in the visit.  I am not going to do that this time.  I am not going to get snappy or crabby.  I am going to take advantage of Ed's offers and get out and do some Xmas shopping with her in the evening.  Can't wait mom!

9.  My belly button is obnoxious these days and occasionally a band aid smooth it out, but a band aid is painful to remove at the end of the day.  So I am just going with the pig snout that has resided in the middle of this mound in my midsection.  This week some gals in our mommy/child class noticed it and we discussed pregnancy belly button experiences for a good 10 minutes.  I am guessing Ed isn't having these kind of conversations with his friends/coworkers.

10.  Today the boys and I journeyed out into the sunshine to pick up sticks that littered our lawn from the high winds that occurred this week.  By 3 in the afternoon, I am just going to be honest, bending over repeatedly, is really really hard for a pregnant mama.  The job is done, but I seriously am going to freak if I have to bend over much more today to pick up toys, socks, or crumbs on the floor.

11.  Am I a bad mom if I am totally dreading and hoping to avoid the all school dance tonight.  I just think that with the weekend guests, the class Halloween party today, Halloween party tomorrow, and trick or treating on Sunday, our weekend is full enough.  My sister had a good point though...taking an hour to wander over might just be more enjoyable than the extra energy that my boys are going to want to release around 6:30 tonight.  So we'll see.

12.  We have so much Halloween candy in our house right now.  But walking through Target today did I have the urge to buy some Twix bars and Baby Ruth because those aren't part of our mix...YES!  But I had control and didn't....I am just going to try and hold out until Sunday night when the boys are in bed...I can raid their stash! 

13.  Have a festive weekend.  Enjoy the last few fall days, enjoy the Halloween festivities if you choose to, and be safe and happy with your family! 

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to think of those painted bellies! That would feel weird! Hope the dance was fun! Love that you're sipping some LaCroix. :) We had a poop in the tub the other night...but a middle of the night poop is probably worse. :(



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