Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

1. Tis the season for holiday shopping. I have given away gift cards for any of CSNs 200 online stores. This time around they offered that I do a little shopping. So coming up I will share what fabulous product I pick. I am excited to see if the service is easy and straight forward. I noticed yesterday that a TON of their items are free shipping - a big time must for me when I shop online. So stay tuned and maybe I will be adding a little of this or that to our house. Or Charley's birthday is coming up so maybe I will get this or this.

2.The other day I noticed a slit/hole in the plastic hand bar thingy that is on the back of the front passenger seat in our car. Yep, Charley was playing with this dumb fake camp hand knife and did that. Ugh. pissed. How in the world do you teach kids the value of your house, furniture, and car. I just feel like it is such a huge concept and even if I try and explain it to him/them it just seems like it doesn't sink in. Even if I talk calmly or YELL and stomp around.

3. I'm feeling less funkish today. Nothing planned and that feels good. Well we are going to decorate Halloween cookies for the weekend and maybe do a pumpkin craft.

4. The Chocolate Creme pie that was on sale at Ubake for $4.99 did not thaw in time last night. Ugh. Disappointing. But guess what...tonight we will indulge.

5. I have convinced Ed to watch Modern Family with me the last couple weeks. yipee! It isn't Prison Break but it is something for us to watch together. Next week I am going to have Netflix send us season 1. Since we didn't really watch last year.

6. Grey's Anatomy is still one of my favorite shows. There is always a small message that resonates with me. Last night as the show ended and Meredith and McDreamy were going to sleep I loved how he told her she shouldn't find out if she carries the Alzheimer's gene or if they can't have children. They should just live life together and what happens they will get through it was much more eloquently stated. But it just was a nice message. It reminded me that this third little bean who is going to grace us with it's presence in a few months is going to change our lives in so many wonderful ways and we will also have our struggles. But we are a family and we will enjoy and conquer the challenges together. It is life.

7. Next week Charley doesn't have school. I am so excited to have a few days of freedom. We will enjoy pj mornings, a few fun outings, maybe some friend time, but mostly - we will just go with the flow.

8. We have a fun weekend involves Grandma, Great Grandma, The Packers, time with just Ed and I, a water park and hotel with the boys, spaghetti and meatballs, eating out, and a looooong car drive. What it doesn't the bathrooms, raking, or any other fall yard work.

9. And now I am going to go pull something out of the freezer for dinner tonight. So it is thawed in time. I am also going to get Charley to sit down and do his homework for the week...yes, we left it until the last day. That is how we roll.

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Rebecca said...

Aww...I was so looking forward to your chocolate pie!!!

You should convince your husband to watch The Middle too...I thought it would suck, but it doesn't.

Enjoy being off next week!

Danifred said...

I hope your weekend is going great, it definitely sounds like fun!

We watch Modern Family here. It's the only show that we both agree on. We DVR it and then find a few quiet moments to enjoy it.


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