Friday, October 15, 2010

Craft Closet Chaos...

What place in your house is almost impossible to organize. You can pull everything out. Spend money on bins. Come up with labels. Get all excited about some sort of organization method...but the first time you go hunting for a particular item the whole thing goes right back to being a mess....

Yep, you guessed it. If you are like me - your craft cupboard.

Because of my passion for having all the items I have collected through the years for my classroom I have our front closet devoted mostly to our craft stash. I think it stays mostly organized but it also looks mostly unorganized.

I guess bins work for me and then easy access to items that are used almost every time...paper, glue, etc.

When my boys get older, I plan on using Amy's idea of "art bags". She shares about her idea on her blog New Nostalgia. If you don't know Amy, she is an amazing mom with lots of great recipes, crafts, and home organization ideas. She was recently diagonsised with breast cancer and is sharing her inspring story as she wins this battle. The blog world has become such a part of my life and Amy is one of those people that I think about daily and pray her days are filled with calm, courage, and happy news.  I have been reading her blog since before cancer showed it's ugly head in her life.  And the courage and beauty she shows these days is astounding.  Anyways, if you have older kids I think the art bag idea ROCKS...just like Amy. 

What are your craft cupboard/closet organizational strategies?


One Take On Life - Heather said...

I use bins that are labeled. I also have found that using one of those three drawer containers (the mini ones that fits on a shelf) works great.

I store paper in there so the kids can slide open the drawers and get it without help from me, its slick. I also have glue, erasers, scissors in the top drawer so only Hayden can reach those easy peasy.
Workbooks I have in a magazine slot holder.

I keep crayons and markers in little containers they can easily get themselves.

I have found that as long as I go through it once in awhile, it stays pretty organized. But I purge or move things that aren't being used.

Amy Bowman said...

thank you for your kinds words. i feel the same toward you!


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