Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Letter to my Kindergarten Son

Spring 2010

Dear Charley,

You are coming up on your third full week of school and boy are you making us proud.  I had no idea what feelings I would have on a day to day basis about your school experience.  Would I freak out over little things that didn't seem right to me or weren't the way I did them when I was in the classroom?  Would I be overly worried about missing you and missing out knowing what you do in this new big building?  Was the school going to meet your needs, challenge you, notice you, and recognize the special boy you are?   How would I feel when you came home and shared stories about your day?  And what would we hear from the teacher and how would we feel about those thoughts?

The last 2 1/2 weeks have been wonderful so far.  You are entering and exiting the building from the front and back.  You are walking, riding in the car, and getting picked up friends.  You are jumping out of the car in the pouring rain and running up to the school yelling, "Bye Mama!"  You are asking for our phone number to share with new friends.  You have been happy with the snacks (cucumber slices, grapes, bananas, and celery sticks) I have sent (all fruits and veggies like the rule said). 

We have heard from your teacher a bit and though I won't go into detail.  I am SO very proud of you.  You telling me about your book bag book made me SO VERY PROUD.  Your daddy should be extremely proud too because it is daddy who you want to read with every night.  And he doesn't rush and he continues to grow your love of reading.  I am thrilled that the school is seeing you and getting to know you and will be getting you involved in things that will challenge you and help you enjoy your school experience.  

And I am reminded that when you ask to "play school" or "do school" in the afternoons I need to jump on that and not brush it off.  Because all the little things that your quirky personality loves to do is proving to make your mama so proud that she calls her mama at 10:20 pm to share the joys of being your mother.  

Keep working hard young man.  We are blessed to call you son. 



Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff.


Grandma Charlie said...

Me too, Kim. Very proud of you, Grandson!

Rebecca said...

Haha...that picture is great! What a touching letter...glad he's doing well!


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