Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Proud Potty Moments are here to stay!

I think I can officially say that Henry is daytime potty trained. 

I know we will have the occasional accidents.
But for the most part the kid is sporting some high class cartoon or (my favorite- that I found on HUGE sale) adorable GAP 'ellerwear'. 

This step in his life was TOTALLY accomplished with his doing.  We did encourage but there was not any forcing.  If he woke up and wanted to wear diapers we went with that.  The last couple days we have braved the underwear out and about. 

I was ready to try this because he gave sitting on the big toilet a try last week.  (For those of you who have not gone through this with your boys...this time around I had him sit facing the "wrong" way.  This way he could lean forward and it automatically aimed down.) I didn't know this trick with Charley and spent a lot of time wiping pee up off the floor.  The only issue with this strategy is that you have to take his shoes and pants off in order for him to straddle it.  So out and about that could be a pain.  But I can see that the standing option is already going to work for him.

Yesterday, when we went for a hike I was going with a mom who has been through the potty training thing recently and many many other times.  So I knew she would be supportive.  Henry didn't have any accidents.  Towards the end of the hike his little friend showed him how to "water a tree" and Henry stood and watched in awe, but was too shy to give it a go himself.  Later, he came up to me and told me "I water tree."  And off we went.  Success! 

Charley had a dentist appointment and at the dentist Henry stood on a stool and peed into the toilet for the first time.  So proud! 

Today at his school they have a little REAL potty for the preschoolers.  He proudly stood and peed!  WONDERFUL!
We arrived home and he wandered off to poop in the potty all by himself! 

So I think I can say the kiddo is potty trained.  And with the nuk gone.  We are 2/3 of our way to having him ready to be an official big brother.  We still need to move him to a big boy bed and then hopefully into Charley's room.  Which, I think I have decided we are going to break into two steps...big boy bed in Henry's room first and then move it into Charley's bedroom.  We are having some morning issues with Henry - waking at 5:30 and not wanting to go back to bed.  And this is not going to fly for my Kindergarten needing sleep son. 

So my final reflections:  Daytime potty training really does go best when you let your child lead the way.  Switching back and forth between underwear and diapers is VERY confusing.  Henry repeatedly checked with me on what he was wearing.  So I am guessing most kids should not switch.  Commit.  And third, the second child was way less stressful - maybe because the older brother set an example, helped encourage, and reminded both mama and Henry that candy was at the end of the stream! 


Kristen @ Motherese said...

Three cheers for Henry! Potty training can be so stressful (for us and for them!), but it sounds like you guys managed it beautifully. Congratulations!

I also wanted to mention that we have both boys in the same bedroom. There have been a few times when one keeps the other up at night or wakes the other up in the morning, but the pros have really exceeded the cons - and there's nothing cuter than overhearing their late night (aka 8 p.m.) "chats" after we turn out their lights. I hope your transition works out well!

Anonymous said...

i bet this post will make one of my friends who is trying to potty train pretty jealous but boys and girls differ and look at the age he is at. it's time. go henry go! i'll need tips in the future. wish i got an m&m if i went potty during the day. maybe i'd go more often! RR

Anonymous said...

Yay Henry! That's great! Things are moving right along. Best wishes for a smooth transition into Charley's room. Maybe he'll do great knowing Char is right there.



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