Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is here.

Fall has begun here in the heart of Minnesota. The trees are starting to lose leaves, a little too quickly for my comfort.  First, I like to see them turn vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges.  But with some torrential rains and some wind we are starting to feel the urge to rake.

This morning Charley didn't have school so we set up a hike with some friends who are opposite us with the Kindergarten routine...meaning we have AM  and they have PM. They also still have a napper - all hail to that lucky mama. And we don't nap in our house anymore....or so they think.

The actual wooded path was WAAAAAAAYYYYY too muddy today so we stuck to the paved path.  We are lucky to have some friends that have boys that match up to Charley and Henry almost perfectly. 

I love fall for activities like this.  Summer is typically too hot for long hikes.  Winter it is too exhausting lugging the boots.  Spring is nice but it isn't as beautiful.  Today we got to experience the initial crunch of fall leaves under foot. 

The boys spotted a snake.  The other mom's initial reaction, "Grab it!"  I presented her with the -YOU ARE MOM OF THE DECADE AWARD- immediately.  By the way, the snake got a way.

When hiking with four boys you know that sticks make wonderful swords, sabers, and guns.  And as two moms of boys we laugh uncomfortably at the violent play - thankful to have each other in this moment, because we get it.  And that makes it all better.

We hike for the reward - a yummy picnic lunch with the sun warming our backs to an uncomfortable temperature.  But knowing that these days are numbered. 

Days off from Kindergarten have a different feel to them.   Last year when preschool had a day off it threw off our routine and I was thinking - what are we paying for if they don't have class AGAIN.   But today... There wasn't a rush out the door.  The three of us could enjoy a morning activity together.  And there was a feeling of savoring the time with my two boys when they are both fresh. 


One Take On Life - Heather said...

Sounds like a fun morning! Much better than mine, I so want to get out on a fall walk. One of these days:)

Danifred said...

I, too, love, love, love fall! I do not encourage the grabbing of snakes, however.

Anonymous said...

more more more! i love the posts about the boys with pictures....and of the fall...and of the slower mornings. RR


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