Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pop and the things I will do for it.

So with Charley and Henry I drank very little, if any, caffeine.  I would have a pop late in the pregnancy if I was driving a long distance.  Other than that I cut it out of my diet.  With this one I have been enjoying one a day...sometimes every other day.  I ran out of Dr. Pepper the other day and vowed to not buy any more during the pregnancy.  But of course, today I am craving it. 

So here is the sad truth about what I go through for my fix...never more than one a day and always before noon. 

1.  I have called neighbors (thanks Kirsten!) and asked if they had any and sent Charley on a "Mission" with 50 cents in hand.  This doesn't just give me a pop fix, it also gives Charley a moment away from me to run off some energy and grab some fresh air.

2.  I have blogged about my bad days and my craving and have had friends appear or leave a mystery Diet Coke on my porch (Thanks Paula!).

3. I have friends who drop their kids off for a play date and also hand over a Diet Coke (Thanks Lynelle!).

4.  And today I pretty much held a little boy hostage in my car so that his mom would deliver a Diet Coke to my window in exchange for her son, because it was POURING rain and I would melt if I got out of the car.  Just kidding- she had an umbrella because she would melt too.  No for real she came out before I could get out...darn it because I wanted to get a peek at her kitchen remodel. 

All of these instances have occurred when I have sworn off buying it to have in our fridge.  And it lasts for a while and then I go back to buying it.  I hope that all of these friends who have helped my sanity know they can call on me at any time for a jar of homemade jam, a bottle of wine, or a can of....well probably not Diet Coke since I will most likely be on one of my "No Diet Coke kicks," but maybe a can of cream soup, an egg, or a cup of sugar. 


gschneider said...

That stuff is crack. If you give it up for a month, I'll give you a reward. Ed needs to verify it, though. It'll be worth your while ;)

Danifred said...

Oh how I adore a Diet Coke... even when I was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

so is greg's blackmail going to work? haha
i love diet coke and am NEVER giving it up!
also..just have to say, on tuesday I had to run next door to grab marshmellows for krispy treats!!!

Anonymous said...

sarah-just blame it on pregnancy cravings/hormones. but then you have to give it up later. haha.
what does charley think of the diet coke? does he ask for some? RR

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Brother Greg always inspires. Charley has no interest in pop. He has never liked the taste when he has tried it. He also quotes his teacher about how bad it is. it is an indulgence that I partake in with moderation :)

Rebecca said...

Clearly you have some really good friends who know you very well.

Anonymous said...

2pm on work days and noon on nonwork days. I. Crave. It. AK

Paula said...

"That stuff is crack."

True dat.

I love it gschneider


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