Thursday, September 23, 2010

The infamous Ms. Shari

Many you have heard Henry talk about his teacher.  He had her last spring and all summer he proudly told people that his teacher is Ms. Shari.  When Charley got his teacher assignment it took Charley a week or two to remember his teacher's name.  But Henry remembered Charley's teacher's name the next day.  And after answering for Charley when someone asked he would inform them that "My teacher is Ms. Shari."  He is so proud.  Here is a picture of his teacher. 

She is an amazing lady who has a wonderful way with children.  Last year we were enrolled in another mommy and me type class at a different school and Henry would hardly interact or play.  But as soon as he met Ms. Shari he was a different little boy.  We are blessed. 

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