Friday, September 3, 2010

Links I Love on Friday

Is this working for us? A question to ask as you go about making the choices for your family each day. I am sometimes not good at asking myself that when things come up that start my heart beating.

Public Schools are our choice too.  I have taught in the public schools and I am a HUGE fan.  And our Charley goes off next week to start his public school education and I am confident in our choice.  However, I am thankful to be within walking distance of such a wonderful learning environment.  If our situation were different I might feel differently.  I like how this woman has reminded us that our choice is our choice.  It is not to be judged.  Be confident in your choice.  I am fascinated by the choices that others make with schools.  Truly fascinated - but not at all judgemental.  Just fascinated. 

Your Change.  I just liked this.

"But what it comes down to is helping yourself feel better, be happy, and live your best life. Even if cleaning isn’t your strength, being clean can strengthen you, and steady you."  This is a wonderful article that backs up why on Fridays I like to spend a little time straightening up the house so that it is ready for a weekend.  If the house is picked up on Friday then Saturday morning can start calmly and the kitchen is ready to be messed up with coffee cups, bacon, eggs, or pancake batter.  With Ed home I can find a few moments to scrub something deeper...or even better yet...he can scrub something deeper. 

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One Take On Life - Heather said...

I liked the YOUR Change one too, and so true.


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