Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Thoughts

1.  Thanks for all the kind words on the picture yesterday.  I wish I could post a comparison of my belly growth with Charley and this one...but my belly pictures are only on Shutterfly because we lost pictures when our computer crashed.  Thank goodness they are on Shutterfly...but boo on Shutterfly for not being able to reverse the control over those pictures.

2.  Paper plates - oh how I have come to love you this last month of summer.  But as this pile slowly dwindles away...we will not be supporting the paper plate industry for very much longer.  It was a heavenly month but with the addition of our compost bin we should have less garbage.   

3.  Our neighbor gave us one Spider man plastic drinking kid cup - thank you for turning the act of distributing beverages to the table into HE-double hockey sticks.  I either need to get my hands on another glass or that one is going to disappear.  Actually, I am tempted to get rid of all our kid silverware, cups, plates etc and get plain because I am SICK of the drama.  And there is major drama because I don't give in. 

4.  My hardworking husband has to do some labor this Labor day weekend.  Makes for a long week for me...but we will survive and thrive and be ready to enjoy him when he gets home. 

5.  Our house phone had lost it's umpf and would only let me talk for about 2 minutes before beeping and then dying.  So we got these new phones that announce who is calling.  So throughout the house I can hear who is calling.  I can't decide whether I like it or not.  My cell phone also rings through these phones so that is pretty schnazzy...especially since in the last month I have lost the ability to hold calls clearly on that.  Creeps me out that my cell used to work fine and now it doesn't. 

6.  I am pondering some exciting new ways to bring law and order into our house.  It is going to bring family meetings, collaborating on some nifty laws/rules/values, and some consistency and hopefully more calm reactions to some of the behaviors that leave me reacting in ways that I am not proud of...mostly raising my voice or stomping about like a child. 

7.  The phrase of the week is "Let's start over" or "Let's try that again in a better way."  Instead of snapping and getting into the talky talky talky lecture I am just going to calmly give my children a second or third or fourth try at talking/acting kindly.  So when they demand milk at dinner...we will "Try that again in a nicer voice."  Practice makes perfect....well I am not expecting perfection...just kind habits. 

8.  Prison Break...I can not say enough that I LOVE it.  I am really contemplating calling our third boy..if it is a boy...Lincoln.  I actually really like the sound of Charley, Henry, and Lincoln.  Lincoln is not my favorite character on the show but how cute are those three names together. 

9.   It is completely amazing how September greets us with a few leaves on the ground and cooler weather.  Amazing.  I know we will still have some HOT weather, but I have been itching to look out the window and know that cozy in the house is an okay place to be.  Simply Apple is on my grocery list.  My slippers need to be found...and my maternity wardrobe just doubled --more options with long sleeves and long pants in the picture.

10.  What in the world should we do today?  I feel the need to take advantage of having both boys free this morning but yet it is so nice to also just be lazy because soon enough we will be scuttling out the door to walk to school. 

11.  Happy Friday!  What's on your agenda this holiday weekend?  What is for dinner?  What's on your mind?


Shell said...

Oh, love the name Lincoln. He is so HOT in that show. Though, Michael is my favorite on there. So smart and hot, too.

Whew....I probably shouldn't think about the show any more! LOL

Shell said...

Oh, love the name Lincoln. He is so HOT in that show. Though, Michael is my favorite on there. So smart and hot, too.

Whew....I probably shouldn't think about the show any more! LOL

Anonymous said...

haha. on the agenda: labor for me too. i'm working. on my mind: your boys. miss them and thinking about charley at school! can't imagine him. he's going to be a spunge-soaking it in. for dinner: homemade pizza made by andy. a good book (actually I have 2!) and maybe a little wii. keep blogging! RR

Anonymous said...

ps i'm requesting a video of the boys. one of each. seperately doing whatever they do best these days. i'd love a video of henry saying "what's dad mamma" ha RR

Danifred said...

I love the name Lincoln!!!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

We have the phones that talk as well, I love it. On mine you can mute the voice and the ringer, they are panasonic I think. I do that with the one I keep in the kid's room (no they don't need the phone I just hate making a mad dash down the hall.)
This weekend - maybe shopping for furniture and staining the deck.

Crystal said...

lincoln is a great name!

what are you trying to reverse on shutterfly? are you just trying to save the pics to your hard drive again? if so, you CAN do that, but it's a process ... create a share site and then post the picture to the share site. once it is on the share site, there is a link to download a full resolution copy of the picture. an absolute pain to do for tons of pics, but i do that when i need an older one for the blog (i created kind of a faux share site just for that purpose, that no ones know about but me - plus you get free prints when you create a new share site)

Rebecca said...

I love #7!!! Also, I think that it should be illegal for someone to give one cool gift in a house with many children. It makes it too hard for the parents!!!


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