Friday, September 24, 2010

Links I Love

You will notice a theme this week.  It is about slowing down.  I am working on this.  It is my fall goal.  I am trying to make choices that work best for our family.  Like this morning my hormones had me spinning and heading to pick up my laptop and spending an hour wandering the mall with my little Hank was perfect. 

This pregnancy is picking up speed and I want to relish each moment of it.  Henry and I are gifted with these mornings together and I want to savor each one...maybe tomorrow we will bake brownies together.  And Charley is growing up and finding so much joy in life.  He shared that he is looking forward to the next four days because...1.  tomorrow he gets to watch a cartoon before school 2.  Daddy is home on Saturday  3.  Daddy is home on Sunday  and 4.  Monday he gets to go to the library at school. 

Slowing down.  How will we slow down this Friday?

Embracing the now Normal - I could relate to this post with our walk to school.

I have been having similar thoughts...Slow and Steady Wins the Race by Clover Lane

Enjoying Life in the Slow Lane by Becoming Minimalist-  lots of really good ideas here.

My question for you...what blog do you wake up hoping has posted.  I have a few blogs..well all on my sidebar and more but there are a few that make me REALLY happy when they post.  And the days they take a break I am just a little disappointed.  So what blog do you love....I am always up for finding a new favorite read!


Krajcimama said...

I have been in an organizing kind of mood so a new folder has appeared in my Google Reader - I get excited when any of them post...but I've really been enjoying:



The Gardiner Family said...

Blogs I love....

Anonymous said...

I'm a total Kelle Hampton junkie!

(but you are top 5 :-) )

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I am going to have to check out the orgjunkie!

Kelle Hampton junkie here too! Can you believe how cute baby Nella is in those little glasses. Precious!


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