Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Thoughts

 1.   Last Friday I got bangs. 

2.  I am working on adding a button up top that will link to my recipes.  Hopefully making them easier to locate.  I am still figuring out how I want to organize them. But coming up I have a white chicken chili recipe, an egg bake, a brownie, and....something else that I can't think of. 

3.  Today when we did an early morning errand run to Target there was a man blowing leaves in the parking lot.  It is a REALLY REALLY windy day so there wasn't much success in what he was doing and with the start of fall there are only a few leaves fluttering about and I find they give this time of year character.  I am not sure if that man was being paid but I thought it was kind of dumb.  He was also blowing very closely to was almost like he was snooping around the cars.  It made me uncomfortable.  I'm just sayin'. 

4.  This morning Henry and I made our first homemade brownies and they turned out GREAT!  I doubled the recipe so they would fit in a 9 x 13 pan instead of the 8x8...that way when Ed gets home it doesn't look so obvious that I indulged every time I walked through the kitchen.  Baking with Henry is pure joy. 

5.  Henry and I also pulled out the classic Candy Land game and he creamed me twice!  We haven't played that just the two of us....ever.  I wish my camera battery hadn't been drained because the expressions he had during the entire two games were priceless.

6.  Friends that knew me before kids know that I was a homebody even before children came along.  And still now when bedtime rolls around, even though I love to pass it off to Ed, I don't have any desire to leave the house.  The best off duty time to me is cozy at home.  Tomorrow morning Saturday morning will roll around and my hormones will shoot all over and poor Ed will wonder why he looks forward to weekends...but, this Saturday I have plans with girlfriends for the morning.  And even though I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing them I still have this nag in me that has me wanting to just be home.  Even though I know my soul needs for me to leave and see friends and get away from the walls of our house and the little voices and behaviors of my boys.  So though I can't wait I also have this lazy feeling.  I am VERY lucky to have friends that keep asking and keep encouraging and reminding me to get out.

7.   I am at the stage of the pregnancy where I love my belly and I am still full of energy and sleeping pretty good.  This is the honeymoon stage they talk about.  I want this stage to slow down and allow me to enjoy it for a bit.

My blog routine is getting back into the swing.  My issue is when I have moments to blog I like to write and post immediately.  I wish I had more patience to write and schedule the posts so they are more spread out.  But I am an immediate publishing kind of girl.  So we'll see how things play out these next few days...will there continue to be 4 posts in one day (like today) or will I be able to contain myself and spread them out. 

Get yourself some Simply Apple and warm it in a mug and step outside tomorrow morning, take a deep breath of fall air, and realize the slow Saturday that is possible in your house.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Anonymous said...

yummy brownies. i want to play candy lane with henry RR

Danifred said...

Oh do the brownies look delicious!!! (And pretty!!!)

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Love you in bangs! Have fun this weekend with friends, so good for the soul. I love homemade brownies.

Rebecca said...

I looooove being at home! Until I CAN'T leave the house...then it drives me nuts! Enjoy the time with your friends though. You'll be glad you went.


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