Friday, September 24, 2010

What's up?

I called Ed just now just to tell him what we have done this morning.
I am proud.
I am Supermama - HEAR ME ROAR!

Boys woke at 6:30. Me too and I was not super cranky.
Fridays they get to watch a cartoon - happy boys.
Breakfast - cereal and banana and a glass of apple juice.
Got dressed without fuss.  (I just threw on a hat)
Went to Target and got a few groceries (mainly snacks for the soccer game tomorrow).
Ran home and the boys listened to music in the car (their request) while I threw the groceries where they went.
Dropped two meals off at friends houses.
Got home in time to walk to school in the blustery cold winds.
Charley got to walk into the building with his neighbor friends - yipee.
Henry and I hustled home because it is CoooooLLLLLLLDDDDD!
I blogged about our Apple Math project while Henry talked to Super Why on the TV.
Time to bake brownies!
And that was all done before 9:20 AM!


And thanks Honey for humoring me and listening to me brag about my efficient morning.


The Tompkins Family said...

You are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

WHO is super why? HHA HA RR

Rebecca said...

I bow down to you!!!!


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