Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1.  Neighborhood friends that come over and putter in our backyard/sandbox/swingset for 2 hours with the boys.  Which means I get the house dusted, dinner made, and laundry folded...and the boys got fresh air and were in heaven.

2.  Fresh tomatoes from the garden, thickly sliced, with a slice of the fancy mozzerella cheese on top...this is our favorite way to enjoy our tomatoes these days.

3.  8pm - boys in bed.  Quiet.

4.  The feeling of these last days of summer.  Relishing the freedom and the weather...yet really anticipating the cool mornings, fall clothes, leaves, apple goodies, and everything else that blows in with the autumn air. 

5.  I AM PREGNANT!  We heard the heartbeat again this week.  The boys were along and smiled.  We will have a third little person that will bring new adventures and personality to our family.  I CAN NOT believe it.  I forget, I remember, the reality settles, and the excitement bubbles.


Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeee baby Wrob!! i CAN NOT wait. pretty soon the emails will start FLYING about baby baby baby. baby this. baby that. can't wait.
i love the 8 o'clock quiet. Ours is usually closer to 7. RR

Rebecca said...

Woohoo!!! Little baby around!

The Tompkins Family said...

Hearing the heartbeat never gets old! Neither do the kicks!

Danifred said...

Babies, cool nights, fresh tomatoes... beautiful!!!

Veronica said...

Oh, Congratulations!

Also, tomatoes and mozarella? Best meal ever.


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