Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Thoughts


1.  I begin the day extremely tired.  I was up from 2:53 until 5ish.  When I was pregnant with Charley I had no allergies - heaven.  With Henry's I got them a little.  For this little bean they have hit - ANNOYING!

2.  Besides sneezing I laid awake wondering about my heart.  I had to wear a heart monitor a few weeks ago to monitor heart palpitations.  The doctor called (always scary when the actual doctor calls) and she confirmed that I am not imagining things.  My heart is slowing down and skipping beats throughout the day.  It is causing me anxiety and I have an appointment now with a cardiologist next week.  Information will be good.

3.  The last three days have been dreary for a good part of the day.  If it is going to look like it is going to rain - RAIN already. 

4.  We have our compost bin started and I am starting to remember to put my fruits, veggies, and egg shells ...among other things into the bucket sitting in my sink.  I spent some of my time in the wee hours of this morning reading a composting book ...our compost bin looks right and it doesn't stink.  But the flies are a little out of control at this point.  Need to fix that. 

5.  Yesterday I had Taco Bell in the back of my mind all day.  I didn't give in though.  I wonder what is going to be in my head today.  Typically, fast food does not even sound appealing but when it comes to making my meal I just don't want to be involved.

6.  This week when I did laundry I folded it almost right away.  I have three baskets to put away today.  

7.  A while back when I wrote about shredding cheese someone said their Cuisinart food processor did their shredding for them.  This one is on sale at Macy's right now and I have some birthday money.   Making pesto and some other things would also go twice as fast if I could make 11 cups at a time!  Will this shred my cheese - for real?  Do you recommend? 
8.  I am also wondering about back to school clothes shopping?  What are you all buying right now for your kids.  We are set on pants for Charley for the entire year.  Are you getting shorts ..since the school year usually starts out hot...or are you buying for fall and winter?  I don't want to be the only mom not doing back to school shopping but is there really a need right now?  Help!?

9.  Goodness, I have 15 green peppers to dice and looking at the picture of the food processor it looks like that one will actually chop them for me.  My current food processor is small and it would not leave the peppers diced like that...they would be a slightly shredded mashed mess. ASAP people!

10.  Some Friday Links I Love will be coming later today.

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The Tompkins Family said...

Welcome to composting! We (my hubby!) have been doing it for quite a few years now and it's amazing how much less garbage we have.

Hoping for good news about your scary!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Hope your are feeling better soon and the cardiologist can help you out! Laundry is the bain of my existance!

Danifred said...

Hope your appointment goes fabulously and you get some much needed rest!
I've heard great things about composting. Maybe one of these days!

Rebecca said... some Taco Bell! Let me know about the food processor...if it works, my life could be much different!

Good luck at your appointment...that's gotta be scary/weird.

Tracey said...

Sarah- I loved the back to school shopping with my son. But after 2 years of buying clothes right away and then by Nov-Dec he had a growth spurt and the pants were already too small, well, we waited until he really needed clothes to buy them later in the year. Besides, it's usually warm when school starts so he would be fine. ~Tracey


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