Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning or foe?

Our best mornings are the ones where the boys don't immediately zone out in front of a cartoon. They are alert and fresh and they haven't seen each other or their toys for almost 10 hours or more. The mornings where I respond, "In a little while - go play." When they ask, "Can we watch a cartoon?"  Start the day off waaaaay better.  The little bit of a fuss they give when I respond no is way less extreme...than the fuss they give when I turn off the TV after one cartoon and they want another.  Cartoons for my boys are like a mini snickers candy bar, or a twix bar, or an Oreo can't just eat one. pregnant self would love to enjoy any of those three treats right now. 

This morning they have constructed bow and arrows out of tinker toys while throwing a surprise something. They now can both hold their own when sharing their ideas on how things should play out during their adventures. I love listening to them.

And later - when things start to get a little tense two little fire fighters can settle down for a little zone out cartoon time.

I have the goal that once school starts we will eliminate the before school morning cartoon from our day. The boys can use the time before Charley heads to school to play, read, and enjoy each other. I know this will be so good for both of them to have this time...and since we are up between 6 and 7 and Charley doesn't go to school until 9...they will have plenty of time with each other.  I think the cartoon time will be more valuable later in the day when they can't get along because of all the excitement from the day.  When mama is trying to make a healthy balanced dinner, or when this pregnant belly is calling for a nap when Henry naps...and therefore Charley gets the luxury of a cartoon or two. 

How do the good mornings begin at your house?


~Niki~ said...

I work from home on the p.c. and I tell you the cartoons have saved my behind LOTS of times.
Now that they are older it's not too bad with watching. We have problems with too much video games!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

I don't mind a cartoon in the morning. But during the school year there usually is never time for it which I like as well. I can go either way.

Barb said...

Love, absolutely love, the picture of the little firefighters watching TV! Too much TV in our house all the time, except when I'm home alone, then it's so peaceful. Your family is great at not overdoing it with the TV and turning it off all of a sudden because real play sounds like a better idea (Charley does it himself).


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