Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Friday Thoughts....I hope...

So I was upstairs cleaning up and I yelled down that the boys should turn off the TV. Charley said he did but that the sound was still on (a common occurrence when the boys turn off the TV). He wandered up to see what I was doing and I happened to be cleaning up books in his room. I asked him to help me since it was his mess and we had done all those fun things this morning. He said no and wandered back downstairs. Instead of getting riled up I let it pass and knew I would keep it in my pocket for later.

Coming downstairs I went to turn off the sound on the TV but found my two boys laying on the couches watching Curious George. He had lied. "No, I didn't lie mom. It was off but then I turned it back on." UGH! SO mad! But as I turned trying not to give him a piece of my mind...there on my porch stood

a lone can of Diet Coke...some would call it Nectar of the Gods.

I paused. I smiled HUGE! And all that was building inside me ready to explode was suddenly gone. Thank you my friend Paula! Thank you for making my day and sharing your stash.  I am sure my boys would thank you too if they realized what they didn't have to listen to.   It is a treat that I don't indulge in too often during my pregnancy but when I do - ahhhh!


Kelly said...

Hmpf. Sounds like something Austin would do. I've resorted to cutting TV waaay back by using TV Coupons. Right now he gets 3/day and has to surrender one to watch a 30 minute cartoon. It was worked FABULOUSLY! When school starts we'll cut it down to 2/day. He usually watches a show while I'm in the shower (who can blame him?).

Anonymous said...

hahahaha I LOVE THIS Post. and the picture!! hee hee!!!!!! :) that is great. RR

Anonymous said...

AAAAhhhhhh..... What is it about a diet coke??? mmmmmmm...... Hope it was delicious!! ~AK

Colleen said...

What a FANTASTIC friend you have!!!!!!
LOVE the picture of the Diet Coke sitting there.

Rebecca said...

Yes...that is a good friend!


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