Sunday, August 22, 2010

Links I Love - a little late

1.  A few back to school tips here. 

2.  Projects for fall....chocolate playdough and stamp glue.  REALLY interested in the stamp glue!

3.  Ah-Ha Cleaning thoughts.  Something that has been on my mind.  This time of year is always when I try and figure out a new system to keep up with everything.  What is yours? -Thank you  to the blog Small Notebook.

4. And this is also a reminder from Small Notebook...How to Make Things Harder and Do Nothing.  

5.  This Small Notebook blog actually has tons of quick thoughts on here and here.  And short quick thoughts are the way to get motivated about clutter - not long drawn out books that clutter up your to do list because you aren't getting enough time to read the book which is an excuse not to begin the job. 

If you come across a blog you read or a blog you wrote that you think I would me!  I am always looking for links! 

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