Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend in Pictures - Part 2

The small town parade actually lasts almost 2 hours! And this year the clouds opened up and sprinkled us just enough to cool us down...but not enough to make us uncomfortable! Charley's favorite part is the sword fighters...I find them a little odd. My favorite part, the belly dancers, were not there this year. Becca, you didn't miss them. HA! The boys are a bit shy about going for the candy, but with a nudge from their mama they are right out there with the best of 'em.

That evening we trekked over to the nearby little quaint town.  We got our regular spot and settled in to wait until the clock struck 8:30...that is when Daddy said we could stroll over to get our ice cream.  A little crabby that we had to wait that long...but when we got to the corner to cross the street the sirens blared and the fire run started.  We were right there on the corner and got to see it up close!  Good planning, daddy!  Charley and Henry got chocolate ice cream cones.  I got island fudge and Grandma and daddy got irish coffee.  It was quiet for about 30 minutes while we all savored each lick! 

Henry narrated the fireworks.  He did not stop talking the entire time...but he was chattering about each and every firework so it was actually very cute.  I remember the year Charley was around Henry's age.  He kept looking behind us throughout the evening and finally explained that Santa was sitting behind us.  Turning around, sure enough, there was a big man with a Santa beard sitting behind us.  For a 2-3 year old that is HUGE!  It was a good show of fireworks and Charley konked out on the way home. 


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Looks like tons of fun. The ice cream looks fantastic!


Jessica Warrick said...

i have two awards for you over at my blog.

love said...

such cute pictures!!


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