Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to toot...or to fart...oh please be toot!

Tonight I gave the boys a bath before dinner to wash off the grime for the day and to give them some extra play time in the tub.  While I was sitting across the bathroom from them I heard some definite bubbles being made.  SO I peered at the boys to see if one of them would show signs that they were making the bubbles...but neither was reacting.  So I asked, "Is someone tooting in there?"  Both boys said "No" and Charley continued to show me how he was doing the bubbles with the cup he was playing with.  Phew! 

Then Charley seriously tipped his head and informed me:

"Mama, N and L don't say tooting.  They say fart -ing. N from school also says fart and not toot." 

And from there we will see if the innocent "toot" becomes a gross "fart" in our house...we have one more little one joining this crew in January.  Oh please let toot stay the term for a wee bit longer.  


Rebecca said...

We use "toot" and every time Husband says "fart," I cringe...I want little tooters too!

Kelly said...

We too use 'toot' in our house. 'Fart' sounds too....gross of a word. 'Toot' sounds cute (although highly unlikely, given the meaning)!

The Gardiner Family said...

we use 'toot' in our house. i said fart one day and it was too funny b/c sophie so seriously said, what is fart?

Andrea said...

LOL I agree, toot is much more gentle!


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