Friday, January 1, 2010 we come!

Okay, so I wake up this morning and read a few of the blogs that I follow and a few of them mention making more healthy choices in 2010 (eating and exercise).  One of them suggests...this link  to help monitor your fitness goals.  So I thought...let's check it out.  So I typed in my weight and my goal weight...and let them know that I  want to lose it by May 1st.  Yes folks, I am not patient, I want RESULTS NOW....or in 4 months. 

Drum roll please!

The calorie restriction intake would be 496 calories per day!
That can't be I right!   I do understand that it doesn't figure in I guess if I do some exercise I can add another 200 calories or something...probably...hopefully!  HAHA! 

I WILL NOT BE RESTRICTING MY CALORIES TO 496!  But this is a wake up call that cutting my portions doesn't just mean at dinner...or not a second helping...or cutting out my diet coke (which I have already done! YAY!)  It means making some better choices...more life changing on a daily hourly minute to minute basis.

So I may not be using that link..we'll see...but it was interesting to see that shocking number. 

So what is ONE of your goals for 2010...whether it is something big or something little...a lifestyle change or a life changing experience.



Heather said...

Yikes! I really don't think that calorie number is right either, that is crazy.
One of my goals is to turn my blog into a book for 2009. Another is to snack less, eat healtheir and loose weight in the process.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Hey Heather, Happy New Year! Let me know how you end up turning it into a book. That was my plan when I began my blog but I haven't done it yet. Very curious what you do and how much it costs. Totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

my goal is to be content with what is happening in my life. with so many changes recently, i'm having a hard time just being ok with where i'm at. that's my goal for now.
and as for as the kcal goes...i think cutting 500kcal per day is a LOT...doable only if you're really overindulging on a daily basis. never go under 1200 per day and you're right--exercise plays a role in weight loss for sure!!


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