Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old...Happy 2010!

New Years resolutions are meant to be made and then usually broken.  I am determined this year to do better with goal setting and achieving.  I have already set some goals with a couple great girlfriends... I haven't been really good at accomplishing them yet, but I will say, they are definitely on my mind - the goals and the friends.  So I am going to share a few goals that I am pondering....and my plan is to take them and break them down from time to time to establish pieces that I CAN achieve...because when goals are too big and too broad they become overwhelming. 

So this year...I am thinking about...

Health -  Out with the old...jeans...In with the new... jeans!
            I am hoping to eat right (less snacking and better portions) and work in a manageable exercise program so that I can feel better and get into some of my old jeans and make them new again.

Children -  I am going to strive to enjoy every second of the next several months.  Charley will start kindergarten in 2010 and that thought sits in my stomach like a rock. I am not ready to hand him over to the real world.  Yet, I know he is so ready.  I want to enjoy these last few months of choosing to go where and when we want....pj and son time while Hank naps.  Henry too is going to be in for a shock when Charley ventures out each day.  So I want to continue to encourage their brotherly relationship.  I want to be present and patient with them daily.

Marriage-  We will celebrate 8 years of marriage in 2010 and we are starting to get to the meat of our marriage...we are in the midst of owning a house, raising two boys, and balancing personal time and enjoyment.  I want to continue to encourage Ed to go for his guy time while keeping our regular date nights frequent.  I also hope to give more kisses and have more patience.

Self-  I will continue to strive to find things that challenge me, bring me joy, and contentment.  Being home every day can leave one feeling un-challenged...blogging, cooking, finding time with friends, and other things remind me that there is self to this role as Mom.  I want to either go for a weekend with girlfriend(s) or my sister and mom...or have one planned for 2011..if that is when it works out best.  I will continue to force myself to leave the house one evening a week whether it is for grocery shopping or drinks with a girlfriend.

Home- I hope to be more aware of our finances...Ed, we will sit down and you can teach me...and I would like to make an effort to save for a home improvement project - big or small.  This means I will still work hard to spend less during the week on groceries and outings.

World- I will continue using our reusable grocery bags and napkins.  This spring I would like to help Ed build a compost bin so we can keep growing with our earth friendly ways.  I also am determined to get our boys out camping this summer.

Life-  Life is so good.  And it is so easy for me to get wrapped up into negative thoughts and worries.  It is so easy for me to get snappy at myself, my boys, or my husband...and my mom.  Why do I do that?  Not sure...but there is NO EXCUSE!  I will strive to find grace each day and remember - life is good.  Slow down.  Take it in.  Make someone else's life brighter by being more positive.

Hobby-  Blogging has become a daily hobby for me.  It challenges me and helps me appreciate the little moments in my life.  It is a place to reflect and motivate change in my role as a woman and mother.  My hope for 2010 is to continue to challenge myself with this hobby.  I would love to strengthen my writing, photography, and interactive blogging skills.  I know of so many bloggers that have made lifelong friends through their blogs.  I would love to get to know someone new through blogging...either reading theirs or reading mine.

Tonight we are feasting on :  Meatballs, homemade guacamole, shrimp cocktail, smoked fish, buffalo chicken dip, cheese cake, chocolate fondue, homemade bread, sushi, and more...yes we over did it.  But I am excited to be hosting two families who live close by as neighbors but have also become good friends!  Happy New Years friends and family!  May you celebrate safely and end 2009 with a smile on your face.  2010 is going to be a great year! 

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