Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I remember growing up and spending New Years with family friends...for several years we rung in the new year with Paul and Betty and their kids, Scott and Gerry.  We had hats and party blowers.  They got us some sparkling apple cider.  I am sure my parents hoped that we would keep ourselves busy in a quiet manner so that they could enjoy a little adult time.  It was a stage in their life.  This year they are celebrating with their friends, including Paul and Betty, and they are enjoying life without worrying about what the kids will eat for dinner, what will entertain them, will they get along, and they know they won't have to be up at 6:30 am!

This year we were at "the kid stage."  Getting a babysitter on New Years will cost you and arm, a leg, and probably a couple toes.  Heading 'out' and standing in line in a crowded establishment to overpay for a beverage that will get spilled within minutes...yep, we aren't there this year, or for the next many years.  AND THAT IS OKAY!

I have no desire.  Last night we had two families over, both live in our neighborhood.  The kids played games and occupied themselves nicely.  The adults feasted on appetizers, chatted, and even played a game.  It was perfect! It was kid friendly!  It is where we all are in life.

Party hats!   check.
Party blowers!  check.
Sparkling Cider!  check.

Happy New Year at 10pm!  Check.

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