Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yesterday - not so much!

Reading my posts from yesterday leave me sighing with fond memories.

Today Henry won't nap...nothing else has to be said about that fact.

Charley has been in rare form.  Everything has had to be repeated...and as I repeat things a third time I am getting more and more mad at myself for repeating.  At lunch he went and grabbed a juice box (I specifically buy them for the zoo when we bring a lunch).  When he asked if he could have one I said no.  He proceeded to sit down at the table and unwrap the straw.  Ed also said, No.  He continued to start to put the straw in the hole.  I then shared that I was going to take him to a movie where we could use that juice box (because the frugal mama always uses a big purse when going to the movies).  He then drank the juice box.  Sadly, he did not go to the movie today.

So even with a perfect Saturday.  A sledding outing that I am so proud of because Ed and I did not snap at each other on our way out the door.  Those perfect family times do not happen all the time in our house.  We are crabby and snappy A LOT!  Our boys don't play along with our plans.  The lack of outside time leaves the boys with too much energy and the fact that we are enclosed in our house leaves Ed and I noticing all the things we would like to fix about our house.

Saturday. Perfect. 
Sunday - not so much.
But that is okay.  It makes me appreciate times like yesterday more. 


The Gardiner Family said...

I hear you!

Nic said...

Oh, Honey I feel you! So ready for spring!!

Anonymous said...

so our sunday was good overall and we had a happy girl...until afternoon nap. she took her afternoon nap and when she got up was a TERROR! seriously...nothing calmed her down for very long. this has kind of been happening the past few sundays. not sure if she wakes up in the dark and wonders what's going on cause it was light out when she went down or what. just WEIRD. so i'm with you!!


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