Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grace in Small Things #43 - A Perfect Saturday

1.  A cozy morning with the family.  Cartoons, breakfast, I got a workout in, and then we worked hard cleaning closets in the boys rooms.  Ed took the boys out to play in the yard while I showered and got lunch ready.

2.  I called a friend, spur of the moment, and picked her up and we went and saw the chick flick...Leap Year.  I know at first Ed didn't get why I would out of the blue want to escape, after such a nice morning.  But Charley asked me where I was going and when I answered, "I am going to a movie with a friend because I haven't left the house alone in more than a week."  Ed tipped his head and said, "True, you should go."  And I did. And I enjoyed every moment.

3.  Sledding with my boys - all three of them.

4.  Homemade pizza that warmed us after our sledding outing.

5.  Realizing that the day included a little of everything...relaxation, fun, exercise, "Me" time with a friend, family time, yummy food, and a bedtime that was smooth.  

1 comment:

Becca said...

Sara, Kevin, Mike, and I made pizzas last night using the dough recipe you posted a couple days ago. They turned out pretty well!

Glad you had a nice weekend!


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