Saturday, January 2, 2010


I looked at the link I mentioned yesterday and I am encouraged to RESTRICT my diet by 496 calories...not restrict my diet TO 496 calories.  HA!  I knew that wasn't right! 

Thanks to all that emailed or CALLED to assure me that would be an unhealthy choice. 

Having a lazy day...and coughing a more to blog soon.  

Lots to reflect on as Hank turns 2 on MONDAY!  Yikes!

Still very curious what your resolutions are...or do you not believe in them?


Anonymous said...

I was more concerned that a website was encouraging someone to eat less than 500 calories...not that you would actually try! :) Hope you feel better soon! Happy Birthday to Henry!


Barb said...

One resolution of mine is to eat healthier and cook healthier for Dad and I. I don't want to make big resolutions for fear of failure. Another resolution is to try to read more books than I did in 2009.


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