Sunday, January 31, 2010

A productive day, some great memories, and a horrific pin!

I have been cleaning house lately - not cleaning as in scrubbing - but rather I have been going through cupboards, drawers, and closets. I have a pile that is quickly growing that we will donate. This morning Charley and Henry went through our toy bins and amazingly we sorted things out and decided what we could donate and what we should hold on to. Ed could tell I was in a he suggested I go through some boxes that my parents delivered after we moved into this house. When we moved into this house we were graced with a large unfinished basement - plenty of space for me to fill with crap. Yes, I will be honest, crap.

So Ed brought up these boxes:

and the boys and I dove in. It was a little frightening....but it was also a hoot. I found notes from friends in High School. I found three diaries. I found books to share with my boys...I found jewelry that should NEVER have been available for purchase. I found an entire box of cassette tapes...Incredible! So here are a few of my favorite treasures...or at least the ones that gave me the biggest smiles...

First I pulled out these two books.  They were part of my Grandma Dort's collection. 
The memories flood back!

Our family went on a couple trips to the beaches in Florida. Impressed that these moved from Sheboygan, to Williams Bay, to Minnesota!  And they weren't broken!

The boys were very interested in the jewelry boxes...there were two.  This one was the most interesting.  One item I am really wondering about is tucked in back on the bottom level...

Why on earth did I have matches?
Or these horrendous earrings!

And this pin!  I remember this pin...WHY ON EARTH would I EVER WEAR THIS!  
And Maybe this is why I didn't date anyone in high school!

Oh gosh - does this item bring back heartache and pain. 
Yearning to be given one of these...or the turmoil of who would complete your circle...
I am rolling my eyes right now and smiling really big because I have two boys! YES!  We won't have to deal with this - I don't think...

Charley loved this jewelry box and the has a ballerina inside that spins with music.  I did point out the little girl on top....and then I realized - let him love it and fill it with treasures.  This is part of growing up -  finding treasures from your parents past.

Amazing how some books you NEVER forget!

Love that I still have this!

And this pencil was a favorite.  I REMEMBER IT!  The eraser is almost used up.  I remember it writing wonderfully and sharpening like a dream.  

This AWESOME cassette tape was one of 100's in this box:

YIKES!  If you loved mix would be in heaven!
I even found one called "Depression 101"....what the heck was that all about?
I took those 8 boxes...and I now have 1 box that will be stored in the basement.  I have two boxes that will be donated.  And I had two bags of garbage.  I also had a small shoebox full of notes, diaries, letters, postcards, and more mementos to read through and enjoy!  

I am proud of myself for the hard work I have put in this past week.  We'll see what more I can find to chuck or donate this week. My goal right now is to have our living area filled with items that function with purpose in our life.  And I want our nooks and crannies to be filled with the items that are precious or hold memories...not junk :)

Doing this type of cleaning is exhausting.  My mind is tired...remembering such a wonderful childhood....and realizing how fast the time flies and how quickly the crap accumulates :)


The Gardiner Family said...

Good for you ! I love doing this even though it is exhausting, if feels so good!

Heather said...

Wow you were busy this weekend. I love to organize and purge, it is such a good feeling to get rid of stuff you don't use. We have the part of the unfinished basement lined with shelves to the ceiling and they all have huge rubbermaid tubs full. But they are all labeled and a lot is kids old clothes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures are awesome! It's not surprising that you've saved that stuff for so long...the memories come back so fast.



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