Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Sushi night...this time with friends!


Since blogging about sushi making, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of friends who are interested in giving it a try (making sushi that is - they are already fans of eating it). 

My freshman year in college I lived in the all girls dorm next to a girl named Kim...she had a cousin Ed...and that is all I have to say...because Ed is now my husband and Kim is still a very good friend - and a distant relative now!  She is married to a really fun guy, Cory, and they have an adorable little guy, Tommy.  We don't get to see them as much as we would like...but after my sushi blog we talked and made a spur of the moment plan to get together.  
So we spent our Saturday evening making sushi, eating sushi, drinking Sake and wine, and playing games.  It was wonderful.  Their little guy and our two went to bed like little champs and then the fun began!  Ed showed how to make the first roll and from there Cory and Kim both jumped in.  

Let's do it again soon friends - maybe not the Sake part :)

The Sake that left me hurting a little this morning.
Cory's first try at a roll!

The girls were determined to beat the boys!

Making sure he didn't say anything that was Taboo!

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Anonymous said...

Such fun! We creamed them!
Thanks for the sushi lesson!


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