Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peaks and Valleys

Peak:  Got my boys bundled and out calmly out the door in enough time that we could do a Target run from 8:10-8:30 before the 8:35 preschool drop off!  YES!  The boys were down to business and moved quickly and we didn't see anyone we knew.

Valley:  I wasn't showered so my hair looked Gorgeous!  Which I luckily forget about until I get back in the car and look in the rear-view mirror to back out...then BAM! AHHH!  I scare myself! 

Peak:  Henry had some nice quiet together time putting together a puzzle and playing the Cranium game Cariboo.  He also helped me make a double batch of banana mini loaf pans.  We. are. stocked.

Valley:  Henry adding the sugar means half the sugar goes in the bowl and half the sugar doesn't quiet make it.  ugh.

Peak:  Even though Henry doesn't go right down for a nap...and sometimes has to show he has the power by throwing all his nuks and blankets out of the crib, he goes up for nap without hesitation.  After flaunting his power he curls right up and goes down, every afternoon, for a good 2 hour nap.

Valley:  Today he called for me after putting him down.  When I entered he held up his hands, with a disgusted look and said, "poopy?!"  Yes, he had poop on his hands! UGH!  Thankfully, he seemed just as disgusted and agreed NEVER to do that again.

Peak:  After putting Henry down for a nap and dealing with the poopy hands, I came down and could here "tinkering" and blocks clicking together in the guest/toy room.  I decided to let him be busy without interruption and Charley entertained himself for a good 30 minutes.  I got a good start on my meal for meal group.  Of course I washed my hands thoroughly!

Peak:  I got four chicken pot pies made for meal group...which met today...

Valley:  I am late on passing out my meals...which means I am late receiving our meals...which means...I am not sure what we will have for dinner...

Peak:  Even with an overwhelming evening last night experiencing Charley's Kindergarten orientation...I have felt very at peace and calm today.

Valley:  I have not worked out yet and I have not showered....and we are verging on the hour when I just want to shower...

Peak:  There are so many fun things that I look forward to in the husband and I could play a game, I have books to read, tv to watch, blogs to read, bubble baths to take, or a pillow that calls my name.

Valley:  There just isn't enough time to fit everything in and for me...the choice is so important because I want to make sure I spend that time doing what will revitalize me for tomorrow.

Peak:  As I drift off to sleep, I know that tomorrow is a new day - new peaks and valleys.  Blessed.

And all of this seems so silly and trivial compared to the tragedy that occurred in Haiti yesterday afternoon.  Keep all those who are living through these circumstances in your thoughts and prayers.  My heart is heavy for this part of our world today.  

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The Gardiner Family said...

Enjoyed reading this! I can relate to so many!


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