Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"MAMA! Out."

So our day was going along smoothly   Henry had ventured upstairs...he had a poopy diaper - wow, I was impressed that he actually WANTED me to change it and was taking the first step towards getting that accomplished.  But then I heard a door close...odd...normally he doesn't close doors.  And then quiet.

I finished picking up our lunch dishes and then Charley hurried down to inform me,
"Henry is locked in MY room and I don't want him in there.  I want to be in there." 


So I hurry upstairs - calmly of course.

I say, calmly, "Henry?......Henry?.....no response....HENRY!?"

I am freaking out now...

Finally,  Henry responds meekly,  "Mama.     out."

My first calm response, "Honey, turn the little thingy on the knob."

Henry's response - spoken very shortly and firmly, "NO!" 
The back and forth of trying to calmly get him to unlock it resumes.  I also grab the little key type needle thing that comes with these dumb doors.  When it isn't working I turn to Charley who is doing his own thing and yell, "GO GET THE PHONE!"  He slowly goes and gets it so I yell at him all the horrible things that could happen at this moment, "Henry freaks out...like I am doing ....there is a fire and we can't get him out...he gets hurt and we can't get him....Charley's eyes widen and he gets it."  Good!  I feel better.  Ugh.  At this point Henry is going back and forth crying, "Mama, out!" and silence. 

So I decide calling Ed at this point would just cause him panic - since he works 45 minutes away.  So I call my trusty friend Lynelle...and just being on the phone with her calms me..and I am able to get the needle/key thing to catch...or Henry finally figures out how to turn the lock back and WAA. LA!  The door opens and a very proud little 2 year old emerges and says with a smile, "Hi!"  in a yippy skippy little happy voice. 

And to think it was going to be a blog-less day. 

Today I was reminded how much I HATE the gold door knobs in our house.  Add that to our to do list. 


pink and green mama said...

The exact same thing happened to me with our first born, that's why I have the doorknobs on the kid's bedrooms reversed so the locks are on the hallway side - I can lock them in for time outs (if necessary) but they can't accidently lock themselves in.

Then, when they're teenagers I figure we'll just take their door off the hinges completely!! LOL! : )

Sarah said...

Grrrrreat idea! Never thought of switching the handles. If it becomes a pattern maybe we will consider doing that :) Thanks for reading!

anne said...

Yep. Been there. Don't want to be there again. Kudos to you for being able to find the key. I think we once had to use a tiny screwdriver.

Christina said...

Oh no! Gracie is just now starting to go in rooms and shut the door behind her...I'll have to remember this, I would definitely panic! Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think Henry heard your laugh that you typed to me when you said he was up there waiting for you...not knowing he was going straight down for a nap! :) Glad it all worked out...


Anonymous said...

fun story with a happy ending!! the quiet behind the door would have driven me insane!


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