Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night Reality Hit!

Last night was Kindergarten Orientation for Charley.  Incredible!  Paperwork was turned in.  Charley went off with the Kindergarten teachers (with a little help from daddy) to see and get a glimpse at Kindergarten.  Daddy returned from walking him down and joined me in being overwhelmed with the idea that our son will go to school next year.  I thought heading to preschool two mornings a week last year was a big year....increasing to three mornings this year.  Kindergarten marks the beginning of the real world.  From this point on he will most likely have a responsibility whether it be a class or a job that will require him to be present and productive for 8 hours a day/ 5 days a week.

Ed and I were thoroughly impressed with the school. We are delighted that we live in the boundaries of such an innovative elementary school that is within walking distance - no bus!  He will be learning Spanish during his entire elementary education!  LOVE THAT!  Kindergarten is grouped in a pod in the building that is laid out beautifully.  The teachers all look motivated, caring, and inspired.

Our district offers the choice of half day or you can pay for the extended day.  Because of my experience teaching first grade, I am very confident in our decision to send Charley for half days.  Seeing first graders that take weeks to adjust to the full day of school reminds me that my little five year old doesn't need to be lined up, directed, and pushed to make it through an 8 hour day.  If it takes him a little longer to adjust in first grade that is A-OKAY with me.  I know Charley would love to go for the whole day.  I actually think he would thrive...but knowing that I can let him have a little longer to have a big part of his day experiencing the world with me and Henry.  A little more time to rest some days.  A little more time to enjoy just playing.  I appreciate that I can make this choice and feel secure in our decision.

So next year Charley will head off to Kindergarten.  I need to make this statement every once in a while so I realize that reality will hit in the not to near future...what is that reality you might ask?

The reality is - my son will have a life outside of my world.  Friends...activities...conflicts...memories....laughter...and

....for both of us.


The Gardiner Family said...

I had no idea they would learn Spanish, and I must say I am impressed with the Spanish. Sophie loves it and knows more than me. :)

6512 and growing said...

Wow. Kindergarten, that is big. My son will be 5 1/2 next fall, so should theoretically start kindergarten, but unfortunately our fabulous neighborhood elementary school does not have a 1/2 day option, and I know a full day would be too much.

So, I literally have no idea what we'll do. Looking into different options and kind of freaking out.

mommy to six J's said...

`I just love to hear stories about kids. My Jesiah just turned five in December sio he will be going to kindergarten as well. I have mixed feelings I enjoy him being home but he is also very bored and ready for something new.


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