Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry!

This baby changed our lives.
We became a family of four on January 4, 2008.
Charley became a big brother and a relationship began...actually it began when I told Charley I was pregnant. He was thrilled and excited from the start.  I doubt he remembers life without his little brother. 

  • Henry is a joy to us all.  
  • He notices things in our world and calls us to attention " LOOK IT!" he is heard shouting through out the day.  
  • He is spunky and instigates trouble with his brother by poking, pulling, and pushing his buttons.  
  • Henry is loving and notices when someone is hurt or sad - he quickly responds "Sorry, you K?"  
  • He is an extremely picky eater and prefers "WATER!" at all times. 
  • He LOVES cake, candy, and cookies but refuses most fruits and vegetables.  
  • He is infatuated with Dora these days.  
  • He still loves his "ukkie."  
  • He calls "Charee" all day long and is lost when Charley is away.  
  • He is thrilled when his daddy walks through the door at night, but still prefers to curl up with mama before bed, when he is sad, or tired.  
  • Henry loves to snack...this is his preferred past-time when Charley is away.  
  • He can hold his own with a NERF gun.  
  • He already can name many of the Star Wars characters.  
  • He loves to put the dishtowels away in the drawer after mama folds them.  
  • He yearns to play the real "puter" someday.  
  • At night he wants "fresh" water.
  • He loves to play games...even though he can't really play them quite yet.
  • He refuses to ride in the grocery cart and demands to "walk."
  • When he wakes around 6 every morning he is okay coming in and laying between Ed and I.  He will doze for another 30-45 minutes...if Ed gets him...not if mama gets him.  If mama gets him then he wants "stairs" to "play" or "show." 
  • He is determined and is heard saying firmly: "DO IT!" or "SELF!"  meaning HE. WILL. DO. IT. BY. HIMSELF.  

The joy he brings is astounding.  The realization that two years have flown by is amazing.  He is his own little man who loves his family very much.  And we love him too!

For his second birthday we woke up and opened presents, had breakfast, and got ready for the day.  Mama took Charley to school and Henry and daddy had a lazy morning at home.  When Charley arrived home we went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then to a nearby indoor park.  Daddy said, "I am not used to playing this hard" throughout the adventure.  I got to sit back and enjoy it this time..instead of crawling through tubes and sliding down slides.  Returning home the boys played, we had homemade alfredo for dinner, and finished the night with the anticipated DORA cake.  Our two year old got to skip his nap I am sure the terrible twos will begin tomorrow.  It was a perfect day!  Here are a few pictures from our day:


 Brothers Climbing!

 Brothers riding!

 Brothers sliding!

 Look closely...Henry is up there!

 There he is!

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Anonymous said...

what a fun day for the boys! great that Ed was able to be around with you all day. perfect. love how special those two kiddos know their brother is!!


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