Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dot Art Kinda Day

Our morning was spent enjoying a fun gift that Ed and I got Henry.  At his ECFE classes they often times have a table set up for dot art.  I found some of the dot makers (a kid version of the bingo dotters) and so this morning Henry, Charley, and I were very busy.  Henry's most proud of the picture in the first column on the left...second one down.  I drew a face with pencil and he tried to dot on the marks.  He did really good with the eyes and nose and got close with the smile.  


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...who did more projects...you or the boys? ;)


Anonymous said...

cuuuute. you were so busy! how did you find time to email me and call me? RR

Anonymous said...

in response to RR...how did you have time for ANYTHING?! haha. cute! love the apple and the one of the far left that looks like a scar with stiches!!


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