Saturday, January 16, 2010


This evening we took the boys me, this was our first official time taking Charley sledding.  We took them to a hill in town that is meant for sledding.  It was BIG!  I was pumped to take Charley sledding but as soon as I saw the hill and then looked down at my little guy I realized - I wasn't quite ready.

Exiting the car there was a small slope down to a path that after crossing would put you at the top of the hill.  I encouraged Charley to hop on his sled instead of tromping through the snow.  I figured the bank at the bottom would stop him before crossing the path and landing himself at the top of the hill.  No such luck...his saucer took off and popped him right over the bank and landed him with a BOOM on the path!  He immediately popped up so PUMPED to have done it.  He exclaimed, "WOW!  DID YOU SEE THAT!  IT WAS JUST LIKE DRIVING MARIO CART ON THE WII!"  (Have I mentioned we got a wii?...another story for another time.)  The excitement that was radiating off his body was astounding.  And the sledding began...without hestitation...or should I say, he started sledding without hesitation.  Me..not so much.  I followed him down for the first run on a saucer and ended up backwards and exhilirated.  The second time down I went with Henry and that was too much for me.  After that run, Henry took trips from halfway up the hill - and loved it.

Ed and Charley went up and down several times.  Charley replayed each race with excitement and actually RAN up the hill!  The kids legs are going to ache tomorrow.


At dinner Charley said he almost cried at the sledding hill.  I asked him if it was because he was scared...and he said because it was so fun!

Giving your child a moment that brings so much happiness makes parenting the most wonderful job in the world.

Returning home we took the pizza dough I prepped before we left and made some pizza.  The boys hit their pillows without any drama and fell asleep quickly.

The evening almost seemed too perfect!

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Lynelle said...

Where did you go sledding? We may go today or tomorrow?


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