Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two things that are on my mind...

Henry was born on January 4, 2008.  This time two years ago we were waiting and wondering when he would decide to enter the world.  We had different plans for each day during the week of Christmas...friends we could call on Christmas Eve, friends we could call on Christmas Day...friends we could call during the day and those willing to pick up in the middle of the night. 

You waited until after the holidays and after the New Year and we were happy that you chose the time.  I know that you didn't have a choice when it came to being born days after the big holiday of Christmas.  I know it isn't an ideal people are busy, money is spent, Christmas wrapping paper is on would be very easy to give you things at Christmas and say they are also for your birthday too....BUT WE WILL NOT DO THAT!  I refuse - even when you are older and putting the two gifts together means you getting the bigger ticket item you are hoping for.

Your birthday is so special and as your mother I will strive to make it so.  You are turning two, and even though you don't know how to make two with your fingers, you are very confident in telling us you are turning two.  If we mention your birthday you say, "CAKE!" and then say "Dora!" and even though you are ALL boy (wrestling with Charley, loving big boy toys already) we will excitedly order you a Dora cake this year.  Your gifts will not be wrapped in Christmas paper! And we will be ready to give you your day.

It is on my mind.  I am aware that your day is coming.  I can't wait...even though I am not anxious for you to no longer be 1 - because that will mean you are growing up.  And I am loving this stage we are at RIGHT. NOW. so. much.

And just like every parent, I can't fathom you getting any more fun or cute.  But yet, deep down I know you will continue to bring joy to our world, smiles to our faces with your exceptional blue eyes, and warmth to our hearts for the love you give.
Your day is on my mind.

  The other thing on my mind....

When Charley turned two we conquered this addiction.  It was probably the hardest thing we had to go through with lasted a week and it was rough for me.  I am dreading it because I know that we let you have your "ukkie" more often than we should.  I have attempted to wean you of it when you are outside of your crib...but this week you are so drippy and droopy that it is hard to deprive you of the thing you love so much.  So this too is on my mind:

**Nuk pictures taken by Uncle Greg


The Gardiner Family said...

Taking away the nuk is soooo hard! Both of my girls did really well the first night, but craziness followed! I did let Sophie have it until 2 1/2, Abby 3,maybe Charley will be 3 1/2????

Anonymous said...

glad i don't have that battle to fight--but hang in there..something they will not remember unless they view the blog about it!!
love that baby pic of henry. have a friend that is prego--if it's a boy she wants a henry soo badly so she can call him HANK! told her about you and your HANK!


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