Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And we wait...

For the snow....

Will it be as bad as they say? 
When will it start and when and where will it hit hardest? 

Living in the midwest (MN/WI) means snow is inevitable...and most often it shows up at inconvienent times.  This storm is predicted to start tonight and progress through tomorrow into Friday.  Some are saying 20 inches...I am trying really hard not to get sucked into the hype.  The weathermen and media love to build it up so much.

I have so many friends and family that are trying to get to family and it makes me sad that they will battle the elements.  I pray for safe travels.  We aren't expected anywhere until Friday and that is

Today I ran my errands and got my to do list finished up.  Errands today were horrific.  Have you ever been to a grocery store, with two little excited boys, to find that there are no carts left!  This means that you not only have to carry the basket and grab hands from time to time to lure them away displays...but you also have to dodge the insane number of carts roaming the aisles - all on last minute missions. 

Henry wouldn't take a nap today and he has stopped letting me rock him so I had this mama instinct that told me that I needed to take him in to the doctor.  So I got him in.  THANK GOODNESS I did that!  My gut was right.  He has an ear infection!  I am so glad I took him in...instead of battling the snow tomorrow...or the holiday hour issue.  We had a crazy doctor who had energy I only dream of having...I almost think he spiked a glass of eggnog before entering our room...because I swear he came in singing.  But he got Henry to open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue...and I don't think any strange doctor could do that.  My holiday is made - I love when I get a feeling and that feeling is the right one.  He should be feeling better in 24 hours...I hope.   Whew! 

So the snow started falling and Ed is expected home any minute....and tonight we will cozy in and wait for Santa's arrival.  I wrote him a letter and asked him to come to our house tonight so we could have a relaxing, traditional day as a family, before heading North for more fun festivities.  I am hoping the big man in a Red Suit can convince Rudolph to guide him in our direction tonight.

Snuggle in and stay warm.  If you are travelling I hope you packed a survival kit....just in case.  I am thinking....the snow is annoying to many but really, the white is going to make things so festive.  Try and find the beauty that Mother Nature gifts us these next hours.   

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