Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Usually, winter means walking to the mailbox can be a dreaded task each day....it is cold, slippery, and you come in trekking snow.  However, this time of the year...these four weeks of December... are the best four weeks of the year for mail.  I wait for the mail truck to show up.  I quickly throw on my boots or I convince Charley that what awaits at the end of the driveway is the most exciting thing of the day. 

I LOVE getting Christmas cards.  I especially love getting picture cards....and if there is a letter - BONUS!  I love hearing what is going on with people (especially those who I don't see often) and I do not look down on the tradition of a Christmas letter.  Many people are against the tradition...or say they will never send one.  My thought - they just don't think they can write one....or they don't have the time...because I know when I get an end of the year letter I can't wait to see what it says.  I have sent the Christmas letter in the past - this year I am just doing a Christmas card.  Ed suggested, in the middle of making him stuff envelopes, that maybe we should skip doing sending out a card.  NO WAY!  I LOVE getting the mail...and I LOVE knowing that I have made someone else's day by giving them some old fashioned mail! 

Thank you friends for including us in your holiday greetings. 

My question to you...what do you do with your holiday cards?  Do you display them?  Do you toss them after the season or do you keep them in an album?  I struggle with what to do with them after the season passes. 

Here is what I do with the picture cards we get:
I usually post the pictures of the kids my boys know on the bottom half.  They love seeing their friends!


Anonymous said...

wow you got a lot of them!!!! miss popular. i usually put them on the fridge (the picture ones). and then i save them in piles in the basement. HAHA. this year we are doing a picture one, but we haven't sent yours yet...haha. it will be a new year card :) RR

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...
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Sarah said...

I saw yours, Raina, at the IL party. VERY CUTE! And last night as I was falling asleep I thought...all the prime spots are gone on our fridge...did Raina forget to send or give me mine. ha! I will have to shuffle things around or find a special place for my Godson's first Christmas card!

Anonymous said...

i am horrible..but before i read these comments..i was scrambling thinking---where is elijah?! haha.


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