Saturday, December 5, 2009

Save Money. Live Better....

I asked Charley if he wanted to run out and get a little Christmas shopping done with me. He said he would go for a little shopping. He then excitedly came up to me and said, "Do you know where the best place is to go Christmas shopping, Mama?"

I replied, "No! Where?"

He then answered, "Walmart."

Then he said he was going to run to the bathroom and then we could go. And as he ran away he said:

"Save money.
Live better.

I am not a fan of Walmart. Well I should say I do like their prices but I don't like the things they have been in the news for regarding the treatment of their workers. But the store itself, that is near our house, is a wreck. It is dirty, unorganized - just a mess.

Kid's pick up on commercials and it cracks me up when they speak confidently about a product or a place by quoting their slogan. Another one you hear...Subway. Eat fresh. Children will say, "Let's go to Subway Eat Fresh" They think that is part of the name. And when I was teaching I could get their attention by singing "One day, One Night...." and they would ALL chime in and finish it with the National American University slogan song. Cracked me up! I have another friend who said her children thought everything cost $something.99....1.99, 19.99, 25.99 etc. Infomercials...thank you very much!

This is all not a great thing of course - but it does offer a little chuckle from time to time.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!! RR

Anonymous said...

this is why i think 3-6 year olds are the FUNNIEST things in the WHOLE world!! the things they think of and say...


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