Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the Ninth Day of Christmas....

I was blessed with this little drippy droopy guy.  Poor Henry came away from his first Christmas in Wisconsin with a whopper of a head cold.  I am hoping it is just a cold...and a couple days of naps will make all of this goop go away.  Because we have round two in Wisconsin at the end of the week.

Because this just isn't the little Henry that usually blesses us with smiles!

He hasn't been sick much in his short two years (yes, two years will hit very soon). 
So he just doesn't know what he wants. 
I am trying everything but what I do know he needs is sleep.
He wouldn't take a morning nap this morning but all of a sudden he toddled over to me and said, "Stairs. Nap."

Oh little guy - nap my love.  Just nap!

One blessing when little guys like this are sick- they are usually extra cuddly.  He is loving a little rock before night night.  

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Anonymous said...

POOR GUY!!!! These pics make me sooo sad. :( You must be just so bummed seeing your kiddo like this. I will pray that he is feeling merry and jolly by Christmas!!


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