Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frugal Friday #5 - a little late

1.  Need a last minute Christmas present for someone.  Amazon has a bunch of magazine deals that cost only $5 and will be enjoyed for an entire year.  This mom writes about them here

2.  I have been taking a chance and leaving comments on various blogs trying to win some of the fun giveaways that they are having.  And I have WON twice!  I won recently on this blog.  It isn't a new camera or a gift card for $200...but heck - it is so fun to get an email that says your name was randomly picked.  I can't wait to see what product!  This win made me giggle.

3.  This past weekend we did the whole 6 hour drive to my parents.  Over Thanksgiving when we traveled we realized that a family of four to eat while on the road costs about $20...and we happened to travel over meal times everytime we were in the car...so we ended up spending 60 or so bucks on fast food - FELT SO YUCKY!  So this trip we packed food.  It was totally worth it.  We not only saved the money - but we all were feeling much better.  And we didn't have to even stop on the way TO my parents - six hours non-stop!  Bam!

4.  My goal in the last year has been to buy less of the individually wrapped snacks.  Instead I buy a large container of the item and then separate them out into little snack containers when we need some.  The snack size containers are convenient...especially when making lunches (so I am guessing at some point we will begin investing) but for right now this saves us money.  A box of 6 snack packs of goldfish crackers can cost the same as a large box that would make way more snack baggies.  It also is a lot less trash!

5.  Cheap entertainment for car travel - THESE!  Car Bingo Cards!  St. Nick brought Charley a couple...if you live local let me know and I will tell you where St. Nick got them, because he and I share our secrets.  Charley enjoyed them and so did I.  They kept us busy for about an hour - taking in the sites around us as we drove..instead of zoned out in front of a movie, which we do too! 

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