Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

For Christmas my husband asked for our first game to go with our PlayStation3 system.  He asked for a LEGO StarWars game that he and Charley could play.  This past weekend he got the game and so tonight after arriving home from the hectic weekend, Charley wanted to try it.  I KNOW Ed just wanted to sit down and veg out in front of it, figure it out, and play without interruptions.  But Charley was so excited.  He stood next to him talking about every detail of the game as he watched Ed play.  Of course, I didn't suggest that Charley get a turn. Nope Not ME!  And when my husband turned around and gave me an annoyed look I didn't give him the finger - nope not me.  ( He did let Charley try and it was the cutest thing watching them both sit there and figure it out.)

My mom packed us snacks and lunch stuff for our 6 hour drive home today.  As the mom I was in charge of passing things out when people got hungry.  I of course did not keep the two bags of Cheetos for myself and pass back the pretzels and crackers.  Nope. Not me!

My husband was gearing up to pack the car, in the cold, this morning.  I didn't snap at him over and over for little things that were silly.  Nope Not Me!  And I wasn't blessed with a patient husband that didn't snap back.  Nope not me!

Henry isn't feeling well today.  While Ed and Charley were outside shoveling the driveway and unpacking the car I did not let Henry have a sucker...because he asked for it with his droopy eyes and drippy nose, so that I could get a few things put away.  Nope, not me.

Wondering where Not Me Monday comes ya go.

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