Monday, December 21, 2009

Grace in Small Things #39

This year my family tried something new and we exchanged names.  It was a little hard not to shop for everyone...but it was also fun to be able to focus on one person.  I had my sister's name.  Her biggest desire this Christmas was frozen meals - she lucked out with me getting her name because that is something I can handle.  I brought a cooler with several pans of dairy free meals and many ziploc bags full of frozen dairy free soups.  Hopefully they help her on busy nights when the last thing she wants to do is dirty up the kitchen making something to eat.

  My brother had my name.  I am lovin' all of the gifts he picked out for me...some surprises and some off my list.  Thanks Greg - you done good!

1.   The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl (Hardcover)
This cookbook is amazing.  If you like getting recipes from blogs that picture step by step directions with pictures then this is for you.  I started following her blog a month or so ago and am so in awe of her lifestyle.  It really intrigues me.  Her photography skills are amazing and not only is her book filled with beautiful pictures from their ranch life but she also includes little bits about her life.  I am determined to try many of her recipes in 2010!  The step by step pictures make them all look possible!

2.  Smartwool socks.  I have never had a pair and what a fun surprise.  Our Christmas shopping list always has me purchasing many pairs for various members of our extended family.  Now I can walk in these socks - and I will admit...I get it.  They are very cozy and soft.  Only issue - wearing them in the car for a 6 hour drive with my UGG boots....was a little too warm.

3.  My brother, a fellow canner, also supplied me with great book that will answer all my canning questions.  He also got me a Foley food mill that will come in handy when I can more applesauce...or spaghetti sauce!

4.  Popcorn.  My brother also gave me some really good local Flint, MI popcorn.  My parents immediately jumped in telling me that it is superb!  I am always looking for tender popcorn I can make in my Whirley popper.    Jesse- I will have you over for some soon!

5.  And a magazine subscription for Real Simple.  I am looking forward to some organization/ and living simple tips delivered monthly.  

As we left today I always get crabby.  I hate that the holiday visits go so fast and we don't have as much time to relax and just hang out.  It worked out nice to have Sunday to hang out and relax.  

Henry was blessed with a yucky cold yesterday.  I am praying he sleeps through the night and wakes up feeling better.  Charley is on cloud nine playing Daddy's new Star Wars Lego video game (which he asked for so he and Charley could play together).  Sitting here watching Charley talk Ed's ear off while they figure it out is hilarious!  Ed is wiped out from a long day of driving.  I so appreciate that he doesn't mind driving and insists that he drive.  The ride home today went a lot better than the other night.  Driving at night does not work well for our boys.  They don't sleep and I just get all strung out when they are missing out on their night time sleep.  I think this is a big reason why Henry got sick.  We will travel during the day for the rest of the holidays.  It just isn't worth it.  Today was so much better.  

Everyone was there.  
Everyone was healthy (for the most part).  
Everyone travelled safe.
It was a weekend full of grace.   

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