Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Little Breakfast Date

I am determined to eat breakfast every morning. I had gotten in a habit of fixing the boys breakfast and then cleaning up the kitchen or getting ready for the day while they ate. So I fed the boys breakfast this morning - Henry had a full serving of oatmeal and half an apple. We brought Charley and friends to school and then I was making myself sit down and eat a bowl of cereal - with a banana on top. Henry of course wanted to eat too. So I got him a bowl of cereal. I was paging through a magazine and he wandered over to me and wanted one too. So this is how he ate his second breakfast for the day. Love him so much!


Anonymous said...

cute! lily is nowhere near that calm yet to just sit and not futz with the magazine and cereal! wow. amazing!!

Barb said...

I love Henry!

Ross Family said...

That is REALLY REALLY cute!


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