Monday, November 30, 2009

A dum dum sucker + a cookie - shoes = a winning mama moment

Yes, I drive the carpool TO school...and this morning the boys amazingly slept until 7:10...which means they watch their cartoon and then it is time to eat breakfast, get dressed, and get out the door by 8:15. When we are up at 6 or even 6:30 we have a much calmer start to the day...I am not complaining though - 7 am wake time today was wonderful!

However, getting out of the house was a little rushed. I remember grabbing Henry up and telling myself to pop back inside and grab his shoes - just bring them along. Well, I forgot. But, I wanted to get I chanced it. Henry hasn't ridden in a cart for several months. Advice to any parent verging on this stage - DO NOT LET THEM WALK! THEY WILL NEVER RIDE AGAIN!

All the way in I explained to Henry that he would have to ride today because he didn't have shoes on..."NO! WALK!" was his response. So I whipped out a dum dum lollipop and shoved him in the seat, buckled him, put my shoulders back, and held my head high and began...then as we passed the bakery (which is the second section in our shopping route he started screaming, "COOK!" He wanted the free I got him that yes, I bribed him to ride with a lollipop in one hand and a cookie in the other. We made it through but the lady that checked me out couldn't believe that I forgot his shoes (yes, she was like 19 years old)...because by that point he was whining to "Walk!" again.

We survived but his face was a sticky, chocolaty mess at 9 am! Yes, things here are not all perfect and smooth - I did what I had to do - with my head held high. Did you have an impressive mommy moment today? ;)


Heather said...

Too Funny. I too was at the grocery store today restocking with Madelynn. I thought I had crackers in the diaper bag, but there was none to be found. Maddy was ok for awhile but wanted her crackers. So I went and picked up a bag of Goldfish crackers and opened them up and gave her some as we shopped. Made it a much better shopping trip:) And yes we paid for them at the end.

The Gardiner Family said...

Charley is already starting to not want to sit while at Target. She is much too young! I loved your story and I could just picture Henry's little face!

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

Don't let her walk Jesse! There will be no going back to riding. And Heather, once I was a parent I finally understood why those little cartoons of fish crackers were at the end of so many odd aisles.


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