Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grace in Small Things #36

1. My boys are brothers. This morning when they saw each other they gave each other a hug. Henry is lost when Charley is at school. And when Henry wakes up from his nap, the first thing he says to me is: "Charley?" At Henry's ECFE class that we had yesterday the parent topic we discussed had to do with nurturing sibling relationships. How do we get them to love and enjoy each other. I know of siblings that don't get along, their personalities clash, parents have pitted them against each other, or maybe other reasons....I am so thankful that our boys have naturally enjoyed each other from day one. I wonder if Charley even remembers a time when Henry wasn't here. When they play together I am in pure heaven.

2. Yesterday we probably went on our last walk for the 2009. It is quite a bit colder today and Ed keeps predicting that the end is near. Winter has arrived. I called a friend and asked if we could make their house the destination and play out in their backyard for a bit. She was up for it...I loved catching up with Heather. The boys played and everyone got fresh air. Bonus - 40 minute walk. This afternoon her son came over to play and the boys wanted to go outside...I predicted 15 minutes and they would come rumbling back inside--nope, an hour and a half has passed and they are still playing strong...all they are doing is running around with light sabers. These boys will sleep hard tonight.

3. This mac and cheese recipe is a family favorite. I have made it too often in the last two months. Charley now prefers homemade over Kraft...might have dug my own hole there. Today I made a double batch and am bringing a pan over for a friend who just had a baby (another Elijah!). We will enjoy the other pan after freezing our bums off getting a Christmas tree.

4. My MacBook computer - it has been about a year since I bought it from my brother. This puppy is now two years old and has changed my husband might kid that it hasn't been for the good but he says it with a smile. I move this baby in the kitchen to play music or follow blog recipes, I sit curled up in bed or in the living room, and I bring it to my mom and dads. My husband has to admit that we don't have to fight over the computer in the evening anymore. I love it.

5. I am asking for this book for Christmas. I put it on a name exchange list for my dad's side of the family. I got to look at my friend Kelly's book. The book displays the recipes like blog recipes...lots of step by step pictures. Love that. Her blog is pretty amazing too. I have started following it.

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