Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This morning we had our first significant snowfall...marking the start of the "white" winter season. We have had a snowfall or two prior but they have melted away...leaving us with a dead the world is clean and white. Schools were cancelled...but Ed said I should be able to take the boys out for a little bit. So we ventured out around 10:00am and were back in 10 minutes later. It was way too cold for little Henry. The neighbor girl was outside playing so I bundled Charley up and sent him out again. Note:  this drift tripled in size from 10 am until 2 pm when I went out to tackle it.

He played outside for almost an hour...

returning only to have me wrap his face in a scrarf.
When he returned he had icicles on his eyebrows and eyelashes...but he was one happy kid.  They played out on the plow piles. I watched out the window with a huge smile on my face.  Thinking of my years as a child, spending snow days out in the woods with my brother, sister, and neighbors.  Sledding on a path we paved between trees down to the creek.  It is amazing we didn't take a header into a tree.  The heaven we gifted our mom - when we would spend hours out there. 

While Charley was outside Henry was a little lost, again.  So I got out some new watercolors and gave him a chance to try those.  That kept him busy for a bit, then we sorted laundry, and the rest of the time he stood by the back window shouting,
"Char!  Lunch!"

The rest of the day was filled building a zoo out of blocks, playing board games, making cut out cookie dough, watching a movie, folding laundry, etc.  Soup is brewing again.  Yesterday I made a batch of this Taco soup...which I think is the same recipe as several people I know, including my mom and friend Jesse.  This recipe makes a HUGE amount.  And it is really good - especially with some noodles, cheese and sour cream on top. TRY IT!  YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  I made it on the stove in my dutch oven.  It filled it to the top and we still have half left over for tonight.  It has simmered all day and makes the house smell so good.  Enjoy!  And perfect if you are married to a man that has a normal 30-45 min commute and when it snows it changes to 2 hours!


thediaperdiaries said...

That soup sounds amazing. All I have been craving in this snowy weather is soup, soup and more soup.

You feeling lucky paid off!! You won my diaper clutch from Pampers. Email me your address and I will get that sent out to you. Congrats!!

Barb said...

What a joy to see Charley's winter smile and know he had fun on those big snow hills.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo sarah!! love the soup idea..i think i might try it without the meat sometime for us!! the pic of charley after the snow really is a good one.

Sarah said...

It would be delicious without the meat! It is a sturdy soup. I used venison (that is what we have on hand in our house).


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