Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Soon enough, Sarah."

Ed and I were sitting by the tree discussing Christmas crap.  One of the things we talked about was the tree situation.  To end the conversation he socked me in the gut with this statement:  "and soon enough there will be two big boxes of their ornaments and they won't want anything to do with them."

I replied, "Thanks honey for giving me something to blog about tonight.  And falling asleep tonight will be oh so peaceful as I lay there feeling guilty for every moment today that I was annoyed or frustrated - because soon enough they will choose to play in their rooms, rather than do crafts, bake cookies, play games, etc. with me."

So even though I hated that Ed said it; I am thankful that he gives me these deep and meaningful reminders to appreciate every day and every moment....

1.  Like when Charley told me recently after a playdate that the mom had a friend over too, who wiped her walls and sinks.  HA! So jealous!

2.  When I didn't have any cookies for dessert last night and Henry said, "Elly?"  Because when he goes to Lynelle's he always gets a cookie.  Love that!

3.  Or Charley telling me proudly that he and daddy are reading the old Testament tonight.  He loves the bible that my mom gave Henry for his baptism....word has it he will be getting a more advanced copy this Christmas.  It is his and Ed's thing.  Charley also knows about why we celebrate Christmas and how it is Jesus's birthday. 

4.  Maybe it is when Henry says, "Charley....Charley...Charley..." all day.  I have to say, "CHARLEY ANSWER HIM!"  Millions of times.  Charley has gotten really good at tuning him out.  When Charley does answer him he is such a good brother; he takes the one word answer and turns it into a nice conversation.  Then Henry will say, "Mama!   Mama!"  and Charley will say, "Mama, Answer him!"  All day Charley and I go back and forth calling each other out.  Poor Henry...but heck the kids is demanding our attention all the time.  And when you say, "What Henry?"  He usually has some one word answer like "Water or Lights or Snack or Shower or see or too or ...."  Today at the nature center a woman said they sure are great brothers.  They treat each other so nice.  Proud mama moment! 

5.  It could be when Charley wanted waffles this morning for breakfast...and instead of saying no and having him flip out...I whipped up a batch of waffle batter and pulled out my waffle iron.  Totally worth it.  They sat there happy as can be eating pizza slice sized waffles this morning.  Totally worth not having the flip out.

6.  Or how I grabbed some hot chocolates from a local coffee shop and popped over to a friends today to visit before bringing Charley home from a playdate.  Henry came along and as usual, clung to my leg.  Never left my side.  Why...there were tons of toys right at our feet...or even in my hands...the kid is so shy sometimes.

7.  And when we put Henry to bed lately he calls for me several times before finally falling to sleep....sometimes he wants "Fresh water"  other times he wants "blue light" and other times he unzips his pjs and needs them zipped back up.  It is only a is only a stage...I keep telling myself this.

8.  But I can always count on this moment.  Every night my boys hug and kiss each other goodnight.  Blessed!

During the day as moments pass, I can forget that these moments are the ones I am going to wish I had treasured more when I was "in it".  Motherhood is such a journey of stages that change from day to day.  One minute your child smells like baby, the next he/she smells like syrup or ritz crackers, and then suddenly they have the older sweaty child smell.

Sigh....Breathe - I have one verging on stink and one smelling like syrup.  They both had bathes tonight....hopefully they will both smell like babies tomorrow...unless one wets the bed or the other soaks through his diaper.  We'll see how tomorrow's journey begins...but I will wake up with the mantra, "I will soak up each moment today!"

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

very good job turning something that you felt was negative right away, into something positive!! hard to do--and that should go on your list of things you're happy about. many of us don't remember to do that enough.


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