Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grace in Small things #40

Our holiday travels left me with many things to be thankful for....

1.  My husband, who insists on driving, even though I think sometimes he has the better end of the deal...because sitting in the passenger seat means you have to cater to the two little miracles in the backseat...as they whine for snacks, water, bathroom, movies, why the sky is blue, and world peace. 

2.  Safe travels - even with the snow storm that delayed us a bit...we managed just about 22 hours in the car traveling in the last week and we didn't run into any car issues!

3.  Upon arriving at our destinations we participated in many holiday celebrations - all involving gifts.  This of course can be very overwhelming for children.  I am so proud of my boys for saying thank you - most times without our encouragement!  Makes me feel like we are doing something right...or the 10 minute lecture I give in the car works- just kidding it was probably only a 2 minute lecture.

4.  Seeing those we love is what the holidays are all about for me.  I love each holiday party for different reasons but there is one consistent thing at each party - the people!  I love seeing GREAT GREAT Aunts and Uncles in Illinois.  I love having time with my parents and siblings.  I love being north with Ed's family in the cozy of their living room where the couch sucks you in after a cup of homemade eggnog.  I love seeing our new niece and nephew and the anticipation of them being older and more aware of the holiday excitement.  I love knowing that those we love get to where they are going - even if it means ER visits in random small towns, stopping at hotels, leaving a day early, or going a day late.  The holidays are all about family!

5.  The sigh that comes when it is all done.  The crazy travel and fun is what holidays are for me.  But after we have gotten everywhere, given our gifts, traveled, and put on a few extra pounds from all the fun food...it is so good to be home - with no where to be for the next month or so.  The anticipation of the holidays is some of the most fun of the season.  But putting away all the decorations and having your house return to it's normal state is kind of nice too.  And I am thankful that I have the time to have a pj day and teach my boys how to gently take down their ornaments, sort them into boxes, and pack it all away until next year. 

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