Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Future Grocery Bill....

I put Henry down for a nap and the neighbor girl popped over so that I could run and get groceries without two little helpers.  Usually I go on Monday mornings when Charley is at preschool - but this week we weren't in need and to be honest I didn't feel like going anywhere.  And the small fee was TOTALLY WORTH IT! 

While waiting my turn to check out - I overheard the cashier comment to the lady in front of me:
"Boy, you have a lot of good food here.  It makes me hungry."

The lady then responded:
"I've got 4 kids home on break with me."

The Cashier lady then laughed and replied:
"That will be $391.80"

WHAT!  Mom- Thank you for feeding me and my brother and sister...our spouses, our friends, our children all these years! 


Anonymous said...

with a bill that HUGE...i'm guessing the good food, wasn't all good for you food...but likely a lot of junk food!! junk typically costs more than healthy stuff!!
ps-i have NEVER had a bill that high. NEVER. NEVER higher than $150 my whole life!!

Sarah said...

The grocery gal said she had two teenage boys...and the mom said, I've got four...teen and college. I didn't think her cart was filled with junk...but I agree - that is usually what can rack up the bill. She had a couple gallons of milk etc. And it was Super Target so there was possibly some other items in the mix.


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